The Beginning of New Youtube Channel for Qin All Chinese

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The fast pace beginning of my new Youtube channel for Qin All Chinese is getting me very excited. I realized that I am now so much faster to get this channel set up than before. It is really the good culmination of the many hours of experience that I gained for the past 4 years in internet marketing.

Website Basic Setup

I registered my new domain for on March 23,2014 with, the domain registry that I solely used. The site is hosted in, a hosting company that uses the Amazon huge server for speed and reliability.

On the first 2 days, I rudimentarily and quickly worked out all the basic pages, without content, for the website, like Home page, About page, Contact page, Terms and Conditions page, Privacy Policy page. The last 2 pages are standard pages that I reused, so they were set up completely ready.

The main website has 2 sub-directories: Blog and Website Building. Later I will add in another sub-directory called Store for my ecommerce store. This is the business side of this site for making money online. As a rule, I would not add in any affiliate links or advertising programs, even Google’s AdSense, in the first 30 days of any of my new website. This is to reduce Google assessment that your site is of lesser value to visitors. Google just hates affiliate site. We have to be careful for better long term value of your website.

I added a Facebook Page Qin All Chinese. I adopted one earlier Pinterest Profile called All Chinese that I created on June 21. 2012, to be used as my Pinterest profile for Qin All Chinese.

On the third day, March 25,2014, I added a brand new Youtube channel for Qin All Chinese. Luckily I managed to get my desired unique username as QinAllChinese, exactly as my brand name, nice.

The marketing tagline is Qin All Chinese: Chinese Art, Furniture, Design Architecture, Urbanity, History, Culture, Lifestyle & Internet

Now Google allows you to have multiple Youtube channels from your Google Plus account, unlike last time. So, it is so much simplier now. I added this new YouTube channel from my main Google Plus account under my name Wong Tooi Giap.

Now these are my latest list of 4 YouTube channels under my WongTooiGiap Google Plus account:

Qin All Chinese

Decorating Small Spaces

Iskandar Malaysia Johor ( Not Ready)

Kuala Lumpur Travels

I have another older Youtube channel added earlier with a different email account because at that time, you required different email for each Youtube channel.

Loving Spaces

Youtube Channel Profile Design

I added the Youtube profile image through Google Plus Page, as it is required to be done that way. When you added a new Youtube channel, Google Plus automatically creates a new Google Plus Page for you. This image is the same one I used for my Qin All Chinese website and all the branding and design of Qin All Chinese is documented fully.

As for the cover for Youtube channel art, I prepared my own graphic design. The format and size to be used must be 2560×1440 px so that the channel art would fit into all devises like desktop computer, TV and mobile phone when view separately.

Qin All Chinese Youtube Channel Art Cover Design. Reduced Image size:640x360 px Actual image size:2560x1440


The Youtube channel art has to use the specific size of 2560×1440 px so that it can be responsive when view from any of the 3 devices of desktop, mobile phone and tv.

Qin All Chinese Youtube Channel Art Cover Design as appears in 3 devices of desktop, mobile phone and tv. Image size:640x204 px.


This is the view of the top header of the Qin All Chinese Youtube channel as view from a desktop computer.

Qin All Chinese Youtube Channel Art Cover Design as appears in desktop computer. Image size:640x105 px.


As the world sensational aviation tragedy of MH370 is currently a hot topic and I am following it very closely, I added 3 videos relating to this topic. Two thirds of the total passengers of 239 are Chinese. That is 154 passengers, making it a very disturbing event for the Chinese.


A very emotional and heart-touching Chinese Mandarin song about the missing Malaysia Flight MH370. Painful Longing for MH370. Where Are You?

Explore More Chinese Videos at Qin All Chinese YouTube Channel


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Malaysia Airline MH370’s Relatives of Chinese Passengers Protest in Malaysia Embassy, Beijing, China


Angry Protest by Malaysia Flight MH370’s Chinese Passenger Relatives in Malaysia Embassy, Beijing, China

Qin Chinese Art Branding Tagline Banner. Image size: 640x147 px


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