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Brendon Burchard
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It’s very fortunate that in the last few days that I come across Brendon Burchard’s Facebook status update for the first time, although I’ve encountered Brendon Burchard on many occasions in the internet marketing online community.

I feel that I am yet to really master the Facebook as an effective social media to market my online business decently and successfully. I’m rather lost in the midst of tons of information and I ‘ve bought so many programs and tools for Facebook marketing that I’m really overwhelmed.

How Incredibly Successful People THINK

Quotable from this video: “Successful people take their current limitation and put it on their agenda as a job to do, as a thing to figure out and make happen.”

This is Brendon filmed unscripted, in a single take, without a prompter or notes.

Enjoy More Videos On Success at Brendon Burchard YouTube Channel

I needed a real working solution unlike some of the many savvy marketing hypes that I’ve come cross regularly. This is really god sent. I’m overjoyed. I build good hope.

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Ever since the start of my new passionate niche on Chinese on March 18, 2014, I have created 3 websites: Qin All Chinese, Qin Chinese Art and Qin Chinese Quotes. I then created 3 Facebook Pages to match with it and the performance of fan acquisition is as followed:

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So, as you can see, I was rather disappointed, extremely pale in comparison to Brendon’s recent achievement of 500,000 fans. I desperate need a breakthrough. I need a good mentor.

I was deeply impressed in those earlier occasions that Brendon Burchard could muster a list of huge attendees for some of his seminars in New York city.

He could talk vey impressively and look genuinely honest and down to earth. Seeing his Facebook Page status updates is my first time. It is happening because recently I’ve very active in Facebook.

I am really very impressed immediately by the the excellent thoughts and concepts of his well crafted posts. It reflects a person of deep thoughts and experience and yet with the right ingredient of humility. I like such person.

Then in the next few days, I come across more of his posts, and they are brilliant. It is a very rare brilliance indeed. I have decided to follow very closely all his writing to learn closely. I could begin self mentoring from a selected guru. This is what I have intended to do now.

A better way to learn is to post his posts in this place so that I can customized it to suit my learning.

So here is the start of the Self Mentoring process. This is Brendon Burchard first post that I have added here for my learning.

Brendon Burchard
April 11 2014

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Hit 500,000 likes today!

WOW, THANK YOU! People keep asking me HOW this happened, and I just reply, "It’s the caliber of the fans – they’re incredibly passionate, giving, smart, and inspired people."

I tell them, "Just look at my page, I spend an incredible amount of time writing and creating original posts for my readers.

I don’t post other people’s quotes, or the latest copied news headlines, or links to a bunch of sponsors’ stuff for sale. Instead, I just spend my time writing and thinking and doing my best to share something that is thoughtful about life.

I care about my people and I love my career enough to create."

It’s hard for people to hear that, because they want to know it’s some kind of magic.

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Yes, I’ve learned how to do marketing, but all the marketing gimmicks in the world wouldn’t work if you’re not posting quality content.

I think it’s the same reason why you guys have helped my first three shows on Youtube this year do over 250,000 views each, and why you took helped my podcast premiere at #1 in iTunes in the world.

If I have any advice about it all, it’s to never limit the vision you have for your life based on your current circumstances or competencies.

Not long ago, I was bankrupt, having lost it all trying to figure out how to share my message with the world.

I remember sitting in my girlfriend’s apartment where I had moved because I was broke and busted, working on a fold-out ‘desk’ borrowed from my mother’s old sewing room.

The dwelling was so small that the bed was my only real working space, and it was always piled high with bills and notes and fears.

I had no reason to believe that I could one day live my dream as a writer and trainer; no reason to believe, I suppose, except that my heart told me it was my path, except that my mind invented dreams that felt so real, that faith said all the struggle and the hardship and the toil would be worth it.

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One night I watched my girlfriend walk into the bedroom and, trying not to disturb me or my papers, quietly slip beneath the covers.

I saw my woman sleeping under the weight of my bills. I decided to get more committed and disciplined in every area of my life; I decided to stop letting my small business make me small-minded; I decided to live my truth as a creator; I decided to marry that girl.

Years later, there would be #1 New York Times bestsellers, stages with world leaders, millions of views and subscribers and dollars, and, finally, no more cheap noodle dinners.

Please, my friends, believe in your heart and your voice and your mission no matter what, no matter how small it all feels now.

Growth and greatness often come from those seemingly endless, fruitless days of discipline.

Keep working, keep at it, believe.

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Brendon Burchard


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